Lets start! Ghost, here we come!

Well... this is not how I have envisioned it before but...

You know that ideas are nothing because execution is the king?

And yes - unfortunately having perfectionist character and plenty of ideas ended up in me setting up my blog for 18 months. Without any visible progress.

Same thing also happened to many other ideas of mine. Those died simply because they were too time consuming, too complicated to make them in a way which would please me (read => never).

That is why I decided to stop all of this bullshit about choosing pixel perfect theme template, setting up crazy WordPress install with gazillion of options and all of this fanciness.

I have chosen Ghost, NodeJS based CMS which I have backed up as Kickstarter project many years ago.


Because I wanted to try something new. On everyday basis I manage few WordPress sites, I work in WordPress, I read about WordPress, I write extensions and themes for it. Ghost seems to be something which will take me away from it and let me concentrate on producing content. Something which should be actually most important.

So lets start and try to figure out thing on the way!